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Simmentaler Nuus

17-month-old Simmentaler bull sells for R450k

On 9 June 2021 a new record was set in the history of the Simmentalers. The formidable young bull, Rivervalley Rick AB206, who was bred by Peter and Lucille Abrahamse of the Rivervalley Simmentaler Stud, Three Rivers, was sold for a record price of R450,000 (VAT excl).

Rivervalley Rick, a 17-month-old bull (born on 24 January 2020) was the BLUP Champion at the Lichtenburg Show of 2021.  This was an out-of-hand sale, and when asked how Warwick determined the value of Rick, he says "He is the best bull I have ever seen for his age. I made a mistake in not buying his grandfather, Zaire."

Congratulations to the proud buyers, Warwick Hughes of Hughes Simmentaler stud, Bloemfontein and Werner Stander of Stansim Simmentaler stud, George. We hope to hear much more from this champion bull in the near future.


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