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Onderstepoort Farmers' Day, February 2016

On 27 February 2016 a Farmers Day was held at the Onderstepoort Vleissentraal auction ring in Pretoria. With more than 400 farmers attending this event it can be said that it was a great success. The event was organized by Hans Terblanche from Vleissentraal for all cattle breeds. The Simmentalers were represented by Riaan van Zyl (Lorenral, Lynnwoodrif), Amos Hengua (Uitkomst Proefplaas, Grootfontein), Frans Best (Sandrift, Sunward Park) and Philip von Wielligh (Von-Taler, Bela-Bela). Cattle, pigs, sheep and goats were exhibited. Malcolm Moody handled the feedlot division and discussed the benefits rounding off your calf at weaning. Sietze Smith, breed director of the Brahman Society, discussed the stud cattle in the ring. The farmers showed great interest, many questions were asked and answered. The Simmentaler exhibition was impressive and as always our breed looked good in the ring. After this successful exhibition, it is safe to say that many people see the Simmentaler with new eyes. Thank you for everyone's time and effort to make every Simmentaler lover proud.

The Vleissentraal team.
Photo - Lizemari de Klerk

Simmentalers and Brahmans
exhibited during the Onderstepoort Farmers Day.

Proud Simmentaler breeders and ring leaders.

Simmentaler bull, Onderstepoort Farmers Day.
Photo - Lizemari de Klerk

Simmentaler cow, Onderstepoort Farmers Day.
Photo - Lizemari de Klerk


Farmers at the Onderstepoort Farmers Day.

Farmers at the Simmentaler kraal
during the Farmers Day.

Philip von Wielligh and ring leaders with a Simmentaler bull and cow.

Sietze Smith discussing the stud cattle in the ring.

Simmentaler bull and ring leader. Sietze Smith discussing the stud cattle  in the ring.


Sietze Smith discusses the animals in the ring.

Onderstepoort Farmers Day spectators.
Photo - Lizemari de Klerk.

Simmentaler calf.

Simmentaler cow and calf.

Farmers receiving more information about the cattle at the Onderstepoort Farmers Day


Philip von Wielligh hands a Simmentaler cap over.

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